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  • How Facebook is making Googley eyes at you.

    We’re all used to seeing targeted ads on our Facebook newsfeed. When you create a profile as a 40+ female who likes Masterchef and The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (much classier than the O.C. bunch), it’s not a big leap to see why they’re serving you up ads about losing tummy fat.  And if […]

  • Everyone kicks an “own goal” sometimes.

    As far as public humiliation goes, Brazilian footballer, Marcelo kicking the first goal of the first game of the 2014 Brazil World Cup – straight into his own team’s net – would have to be hard to trump. When the stakes are high and, thanks to technology, instantly visible worldwide, things can and do go […]

  • Premier Mike Baird silenced by City Rail

    Outdoor interview at a train station – what could possibly go wrong? Who plans a press conference on a station platform in peak hour? Not sure the Premier was going for laughs but this makes for very funny viewing. Mike Baird struggles to be heard  

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