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  • Media training: perfecting your brand message in an interview 

    In our media training workshops, we will often get through an entire practice interview without a single mention of the organisation, or product the interviewee is there to talk about. When you have questions being fired at you it’s easy to forget exactly why you are there. Even more surprising are the number of people […]

  • Media manners

    When Charlotte, from this year’s reality show The Block, appeared on The Today Show this morning, I don’t think she was expecting the headline to be about swearing on live Television. Increasingly we are seeing a lot more tolerance from the Producers of reality shows regarding swearing. Even if you’re a habitual “swearer” the choice of […]

  • Media Training: Writing a blog

    Writing a blog? Here are some tips to get you started The first thing to do is to think about your audience. What do they want to read about? Are they interested in learning new things, discussing particular topics, adding their two cents? They sure do. Below are a few of my tips for creating […]

  • Media Training Case Study

    This week we saw Al Jazeera journalist, Mr Peter Greste walk free from a seven-year jail sentence in Egypt. Mr Greste was found guilty based on evidence that he had in his possession, namely video footage, supporting the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood but his lawyers have said there was absolutely no substance to the allegations. During his […]

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