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  • Media training: perfecting your brand message in an interview 

    In our media training workshops, we will often get through an entire practice interview without a single mention of the organisation, or product the interviewee is there to talk about. When you have questions being fired at you it’s easy to forget exactly why you are there. Even more surprising are the number of people […]

  • Public speaking: Stan Grant’s Speech on Racism

    I don’t want to diminish the meaning of broadcaster Stan Grant’s recent speech on racism in Australia by critiquing it. In the lead up to Australia Day his words were potent, upsetting and in my opinion truthful. If you haven’t seen it watch it.

  • Media Training: Sales owns interview, not the PM

    After appearing on last night’s 7:30 program, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would have been hoping for today’s headlines to signify the billion dollar innovation package he launched alongside Minister for Innovation, Christopher Pine. However, the headlines today tell a different story: I ask the questions on this program… Leigh Sales reinforced during their 15minute interview. […]

  • A personal crusade: giving the terminally ill choice at the end of life

    This is a very personal story about my Mum who passed away a month ago. The story was published in the Daily Telegraph on November 15. I have had an overwhelming response to the article – it has resonated with so many people. My story is certainly not unique but that’s my point.   […]

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