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  • Great Keynote Speeches

    Here are a couple of great keynote speeches you might like to watch for inspiration. Remember when you come to preparing your next speech or presentation to: 1.  Think about your audience.  Your presentation should be about ‘them’ not you. 2. Your objective.  Are you planning to educate, entertain, persuade, inspire … ? 3.  Be […]

  • Media Training Tips: Eliminate uums and aahhs.

    Australians are champions when it comes to peppering their speech with uums and aahhs.   Younger Aussies, particularly girls have replaced uum with “like”. Others have a tendency to overuse a favourite phrase: ”‘to be honest”, ‘like I said before’, ”actually” and ”ectetera” just to name a few. Old habits die hard and a few uums […]

  • RIP Chopper Read

    Some time ago, when I was working as as a reporter on A Current Affair I was asked to interview Mark Chopper Read at his home in Tasmania.  The interview was to take place on a Sunday morning (Chopper’s choice) and we were given a generic address – from memory I think it was a […]

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